SC-30 and DRS4D


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This may be a stupid question but running out of places to mount stuff. Thoughts on mounting an SC-30 to the top of a DRS4D dome. Its above the radar and out of the beam path and NMEA2000 cable could run inside the back of the dome and connect to the NMEA2000 network inside the dome. Seems like this may work but there could be a technical reason not to do this.
In theory, it might work but look really odd. I would recommend using a radar mount that will hold both the dome and the SC30 and be both functional and look good.
Maybe something like this... ... 1408334460

It really wouldn't be recommended to mount the SC30 directly on top of the dome because the RF might bleed over between devices or the cable running down the side of the dome might cause a radar reflection. It might be possible but I haven't seen anyone try it.
One other consideration.....
Drilling holes in the top of your radome is a really, really bad idea.
Please don't do it.
OK, I'll skip getting the SC-30 for now. If Furuno could make a dome cover with this all built in (just an inch or two higher so it would look nice), that would be cool but probably not worth the development time for a single radar product...