RF Mouse Controller



Is there a detailed list of RF Mouse functions for the NavNet 3D? I have been using a RF Mouse for a few days and found a way to preform most functions with the Mouse but have not found a way to preform the "SHIP" button function.
Thanks Johnny, "CENTER THE BOAT " works great. Is there a way to change the range with the mouse? When the display is set for a single window. When I have the display showing multiple windows I can click on the range and the change it, but when I have a single window I have not been able to change the range from the mouse.
Going back to the OP question is there a list/guide to all of the functions available?

If you are using an RF mouse with the wireless attachment that plugs in to the usb port on the back do you need/use the optional waterproofing kit? Mine is under my helm and potentially could get sprayed.

Is there a method to scroll through letters/numbers to enter a waypoint name?

Sorry not trying to high jack the thread.