Replacing pin in plug



I just bought a Used RDP -131 display with a 18" raydome. The people who removed this cut the big data plug in half. Instead of splicing the wires together I would like to take the wires that plug into the display and put new pins in them.The plug is easy to take apart so I would think its doable. Has anyone done this? I also dont know what pins to get because there seems to be a lot of different sizes. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
There are several options for you. If you want to put a entirely new connector on the end of the cable (to include pins), you can order the part number "AL1600CONN" kit. If the blue connector housing needs to be replaced, it's part number is 000-500-160. If you truly just want the pins, the part number for them is 000-500-165 (you'll need at least 16 pins). These can all be purchased through an authorized FurunoUSA dealer.
Reaper Thanks A Lot .I looked everywhere I could think to look and came up empty. Again Thanks
Reaper You wouldn't happen to know the part numbers for the other side (dome side) plug and or female sockets? A friend of mine looked at it and said it would be easier to replace the other end. Thanks
There are 2 connectors on the dome side:
VH10P connector=PN 000-505-894
VH9P connector=PN 000-505-893
Pins for the connectors=PN 000-100-049 (you'll need at least 16 pins)