I have a Navpilot 511 and I have recently purchased a FAP6011B.
The installation instructions for these units are non existent unfortunately :questions
The main unit (Navpilot 511) is in the cockpit and the FAP6011B has been fitted on the bridge.
The cable provided has a plug on one end to connect to the FAP6011B and the other end has loose wires with no plug. :shock:
There is no plug provided apart from a termination plug.
I would like to pigy back one unit to the other.
How do I connect these two units together? Does the FAP6011B need to be wired into the
Processor Unit or does it plug into the back of Navpilot 511??
Once connected do they become 2 separate stand alone units or are they "one" unit.
Do I have to calibrate the FAP6011B once connected or does it take the Navpilot 511 calibration??

Thanking you in advance.

Keep smiling

The 6011 (611 head) is the same as a 511 head, only cosmetically different. It can be wired into to your processor with the cable you have using the second control head terminal. If you want to connect it to your existing 511 head you would need to order a different cable with a 7 pin plug on each end. Part # 000-147-231.

The steering parameters are stored in the processor, but these control heads should have the same software revision. You can check this upon turn on.