RDP-149 and RD-33



Dear colleagues,

This is my first post and at the beginning I would like to warmly welcome all!

Using your vast knowledge, I ask for help:
I have a huge problem with the communicate RDP-149 radar to repeater RD-33.
I purchased a data cable 6-pin mj-a6spf0003 linked to 7-pin mj-a7spf0003, but the device is still not communicating.
Setting I / O RD-33 are for the transmission of the NMEA.
The RDP-149 exit data4 also set the NMEA.
To check the data exchange, my GPS connected to the DATA1 socket I switched to data4 (these are 7-pin), and this configuration does not show my position. I mean, that something of this port is wrong.
Please help, what I missed and what settings have yet to see?
You have the correct cables, but the connections are not viable. The BBWGPS (aka GP-320B) can be connected to data1 directly or data4 with an optional adapter cable (part number AIR-033-407) because data4 and data1 are not wired the same. Data1 is set to transmit/receive normal RS422 NMEA0183, but data4 is set for RS232 input/output along with RS422 NMEA0183 input only and external buzzer. So there is no RS422 NMEA0183 output capability from data4 to the RD33.

The least expensive way to make things work would be to purchase the AIR-033-407 adapter cable for data4 and connect your BBWGPS antenna to it for position data. Then use data1 white (TX+) to the RD33 yellow (RX+) and blue (TX-) to the RD33 green (RX-). Then go to NAVnet menu-system configuration-system setup-port setup-data1-select SNTNC and turn on GGA, VTG and ZDA for position information to be output to the RD33. Then ensure that data4 is not set to output anything to the BBWGPS.