RDP-139 don't display navionics chart



Hi,I recently aquire a Furuno RDP-139 display to use it with a classic navionics chart that I have. When I perform the self test of the unit all looks ok but it does not recognize the navionics chart, the program no. is 1950002023. I don't have any antennas (radar,gps) so I tried on simulation mode and live mode on the plotter but no luck. Any hints on what could it be. Thank you.
If possible check it with another chart card as it could be a bad card.
The other thing to check is if there are bent pins in the chart card slot.
Hi,thank you. The card woks on another plotter and there are no bent pins.Do I need to make a set up to display or it just shows the card with out any set up? Again I don't have a gps antenna and on the memory i/o test - display unit test it shows ok, but no information on the card slot chart number. Thank you.
Your unit software is most likely older than the chart card. Please unsure the software is version 24 (current). If your unit's software is up to date, then the unit should visit a servicing dealer or a Furuno Service center.