RDP-139 Card Slot not reading.



I have a RDP139 with Navionics card slot. The Navionics chart card I have is a Classic FP for my area. I know the chip is good as I have tested it on another unit but when inserted into the RDP-139 it does not show any detail change. I have changed the information level to "Detailed". Is it possible to get a replacement reader if it is bad?
I also read about converting to C-MAP which I may do but I want to be sure the reader slot is working. Any advise? Thanks
Technically the FP chips are C-Map and the Navinonics chips are called NavChart Chips.
Does the card take the full slot or just 3/4 of the slot?
Since the Navionics NavChart chip only takes 3/4 of the slot and wear of the center "tooth" of the chart slot it can result in the chip not seating correctly. I would recommend you turn off the unit and remove the chip. Try inserting just the tip of the chart card into the slot, then take your right index finger and press the left side of the card gently to the right as you use the other index finger to push the card straight in. This normally helps ensure that the card is seated properly. Turn the unit on and try it. If it still doesn't work, then your card reader might have a problem. New card readers are available for your dealer to repair it. You could take a flashlight and look into the slot with the chart out to see if you can see any bent/broken pins or corrosion that might explain the reason it doesn't work. I will say I have seen many people be able to read chart cards after following the above instructions.
Thanks, tried what you said but no luck. I am an electronics technician so I have taken the unit apart. The pins and slot are in good condition so I am guessing the reader maybe faulty. Also tested all the ribbon cable connections, end to end. Can you confirm the part number for the replacement reader would be 19P1003 that I see marked on the board. I have a friend with a similar unit and may try to convince him to let me swap readers to confirm the faulty reader as well.
Keep in mind, that old software in the display with a newer map chip could cause a problem reading it. You are correct about the number on the board but the Furuno part number to order it is 008-566-670.
How can I tell which version of software is running on the system?
I see program 1950001020.3 displayed on one of the loading screens.
That program number reflect a C-map programmed 10.4" with version 20 software and version 3 boot loader. That version of software is the newest that a dealer can upgrade it to. If the unit is sent into the service center, it could be upgraded to version 22. Version 20 good and wouldn't account for your card reading problem.
OK, so that maybe the issue. The unit shows Navionics on the door but it actually is loaded for C-Map. I will try and get a C-Map chart for it and see if that solves the problem.
Just out of interest, could the reader be changed to a SD card slot as well? If, yes I maybe interested in sending it in for the upgrades and reader change.