RD33 and Wind data



I have recently purchased a Furuno remote display RD-33. This item was connected to, junction box FI-5002 at location CN-5. When I 1st started up the system everything seemed to work fine with my Navnet 3-D chart plotter (MFD 12). However soon I noticed that periodically, once every 3 to 5 min. the wind speed on both the remote display and the FI-50 wind instrument jumped from 8 kn to 65 kn (For example).After a few moments the display returns to what appears to be the actual wind speed. This is only happening with wind speed all other data seems to be fine.
I am currently sailing the Caribbean for the 2nd year and will soon be sailing to the Azores. Between the NN3D and MaxSea software I am very happy :jump with my system.
Thanks for any help.
s/v Tsamaya
Welcome to the Forum! I am glad you are enjoying your system. What is the source of the wind information? (Airmar PB200?) Are you looking at TRUE or APPARENT wind speed when the problem happens?
The source is a FI-5001 wind transducer and I think it is reading apparent wind but I will have to check tomorrow. I will check if it happens in both True and Apparent also.
It is happening in true and apparent.
s/v Tsamaya
Apparent wind is the raw wind data related on how it hits the bow of your boat. There are no calculations involved so it looks like your wind sensor is most likely developing a problem. I would check all the connection points to ensure clean and firm connections. If your connections are good then you FI-5001 wind sensor might need replacement. Bad connections can cause this problem so check them very good.
Ok, I checked the connections and every thing looked fine. While sailing today I got a loud beep from my MFD12 and a message telling me I had lost my heading sensor data. It was very short and then every thing was back to working fine. This continued on and off. I also continued to get the odd wind speed read outs as well. On the verge of going crazy ( my wife calls this the shortest trip known to man) I tried turning of the RS33 and sure enough every thing worked fine once it was powered down.
The NavNet 3D requires fast heading updates. You should verify that your heading sources meet or exceed the 100ms requirement. For example, when using the PG500 Furuno flux gate compass the default is 200ms (too slow) and the settings have to be changed to allow it to work properly with the NN3D. The fact that your heading is dropping in and out could be related to unsuitable heading data being provided to the NN3D. You must also be very careful of how you design the data flow on the boat. Data loops and be a real problem for any system. The RD33 bridges NMEA 0183 to NMEA 2000 and vice versa. You cannot turn off this bridging/translation. Please keep that in mind when you look at your data flow of your system. The fact that the problem goes away seems to indicate you might have some sort of data looping issue with your RD33. You might want speak with your installer and explain the issue(s) you have been having. If you are a Furuno USA customer, you can also give tech support a call and provide drawings of your system. They are very good as I am sure you local dealer/installer is.