RD30 multi display



I bought an RD30 from Overtons for down below in 2011 but never installed it.
(As a backup low draw display so as not to have the N2000 backbone always powered up.)
Yesterday I finally got around to installing it to a GP320b but no position comes up. I have aux set to both and GLL, GLA,RMC, ZDA set to on. I tested the other nmea inputs & they all register, speed, depth, etc.
I tested the 320b on the vx2 data 1 & it is sending just fine.
Also the furuno rd30 boots straight to display rather than the sword fish logo. Never seen that before. Ran the test screen Rom, Ram etc is fine. Brand new unit, more fool me for not powering it up earlier. Any ideas? :think
Unit manufacture 10/2010 6405-4097
First, you'll want to set your RD30 AUX port to 'OFF', AUX PWR to 'ON' and IN/OUT to:
'BOTH' if you want to control the data that goes out of the IN/OUT port or
'AUX' if you just want GPS (whatever info is coming into the AUX port) to go out of IN/OUT port or
'IN/OUT' if you just want anything that's coming in the IN/OUT port to go back out the IN/OUT port

Next, by connecting the GP320B to a NAVnet vx2 port1, the GPS is now if a proprietary mode. You'll need to clear the BBWGPS to put it back in NMEA0183 mode. To do this clear the GPS by connecting back up to the vx2 port1 (but don't turn the locking ring so you can quickly remove it later), pressing menu-system config-system setup-test&clear-memory clear and choosing GPS Sensor; when it asks to confirm whether you want to cold start, press enter and remove the antenna quickly from port1 after counting 3 seconds. Then, connect the GP320B back up to the RD30 and it should work. If not, try the clear procedure again.

Lastly, the sword fish logo only shows on power down. Our unit here boots right up to the display screen too.

I don't believe there is any problem with the equipment. Just follow the above instructions and I think the problems will be resolved.
Yes you were correct. The Gp320b must have been in proprietry mode, as you said. (RS422?)
The RD30 will display position. :respect

The process for clearing the memory is somewhat tenuous though, as I have to do it many times before it works. The unplug timing must be crucial or it resets to prop. mode?
Thanks & Merry xmas.