Power off only slave unit



Hi! I'm wondering if it's possible to power off the slave unit (not sleep mode), without powering off the master as well.
As far as I understand from the manual and the buttons/menus on the MFD's, you have to either power off both units at the same time, or put one of them in sleep mode?

My setup is a MFD8 below deck and a MFD12 in the cockpit. The MFD8 is master unit, connected to radar, AIS and heading sensor. When I power on the MFD12 in the cockpit, I find no way of powering it off without also powering off the MFD8 below deck.

The MFD's are in a sailboat heading for a round-the-world cruise, so it's essential to be able to save power. Therefore sleep mode draws too much power. It's a bit annoying to power down both units and then restart the MFD8 just to power off the MFD12.
No, the entire system powers off. A proper NN3D system powers up together and goes down together.

It is possible to "hard power off" a slave unit.
Power up your system and then when you go to shutdown; power down the slave (which will turn off the system) but continue holding the button 5 seconds after the display turns dark/off. This will hard power off this unit where the next you power up the master (or any other slave) it will stay off. It will continue to ignore power on synchronization until you choose to turn it on. Keep in mind if you do this, any connected NMEA data directly wired to this "hard powered down" MFD will not be available to the system.
Thanks for the answer!

I bought the system second hand, so it seems the synchronized power on was already disabled. But it always powers off at the same time.
The MFD12 in the cockpit recieves all data (NMEA, radar) from the MFD8 (master) if I power the MFD12 on after the MFD8.

There should be a way to power down only the slave unit ;)
I guess a switch on the slaves' power cable would solve the problem, but I highly doubt that would be a recommended way of doing it. So I won't ;)

Thanks for the answers, Johnny!
A power switch would be a sure way to corrupt software.

IF you were really determined, some sort of switch to break the Ethernet connection then power off orderly, might work; but still not recommended.
How about adjusting the internal dip-switch, to take the slave processor completely out of the power-sync process?