PG-1000 heading sensor compatible with NN3D?



I found a cheap used PG-1000 heading sensor. Is this sensor compatible with the Navnet 3D system? I have a MFD8 and a MFD12 with a Furuno DRS 2D 45 cm radar dome.
I understand that I need a heading sensor to be able to use ARPA and radar overlay. Is the PG-1000 compatible with my system? And how do I connect the sensor if it is compatible?

*Edited a typo in the name
You have a typo (FA-1000) but I see by the title you meant PG-1000.
The PG-1000 will work fine with the NN3D but as with the PG-500, you will need to setup the heading updates to be 100ms or faster so the NN3D will be happy.
Sorry about the typo.
Ok, good to know the PG-1000 will work with my setup. I found a used one for $200, so I bought it before I knew for certain it was compatible :?
Looking forward to using arpa and radar overlay on the charts!