Own AIS on the nn3d plotter


Furuno Fan
Does anyone know of a way I can stop my nn3d showing my own AIS target?

I don't like being chased by my own vessel....!
I would ask the manufacturer if they have a method of turning off the own ship AIS. They are sending the target into the NN3D along with other other received targets. Many units that offer "own ship target", have a way to turn the feature on/off.
I've had a reply from weatherdock.de who recommend the following,
Use the programming-Tool. Connect to your TRX2 and select on GPS-output "Normal" or "None" - press "Save to easyTRX2"

Disconnect by pressing "Disconnect".

Then VDO-output is switched off.
Hi Piers,

Have you managed to sort it out? I have the same problem and I followed the suggested steps in the configuration of the TRX2 but it didn't work. Has it worked for you?

Any other suggestions welcome. I am stuck.

I haven't been able to yet it yet. Been too tied up with work. Hopefully I will be able to check it later this week. Will let you know.
If anyone else has any ideas about how to sort it out, please speak up!
Yes, Programming the Easy TRX2-IS AIS as instructed by Weatherdock has worked. Now the nn3d doesn't show our own AIS signal. All working perfectly.