Old Transducer 520T-HPC would work with newer units?



Hello guys need help

I have an 520T-HPC transducer mounted on my boat and wanted to install a newer fish finder like the 585 but I was wondering if I could use the current transducer instead of having to install a newer Through hull transducer, does anyone know if this would work or am I out of luck.
Our newer sounders (ie FCV-585) now use a ten-pin transducer plug where our older models used an eight-pin. However we have an transducer adapter cable (P/N AIR-033-204) that is available so you can use older style transducers.

Thanks for your help.

Let me ask you about what would be the compatibility with the newer units would the unit work fine or will there
be some signal lose or any other problems that you know of? And I was thinking of Purchasing the FCV-585 would
that unit being a fish finder work with my current transducer.
If you use the adapter cable and the transducer is in good shape you should be OK. The 520T-HPC is basically the same as an Airmar B-256.