Old 1720 problems



I have an old 1720 radar that came on my boat when I got it. It worked for a while at first, but now when you turn it on it will trip the breaker after a few seconds and shut off. It seems that the drive motor for the scanner is bad and pulling too much current. Of course this is a stone age unit and most parts are discontinued. Does anyone know of any sources for discontinued parts for Furuno stuff or should I just scrap the whole thing? The motor for this scanner (RSB 0028) is Furuno # TG-05A-SG-15EN. Maybe someone has a used scanner for sale?

You can try Marine Electronics of the Outer Banks. The owner, Howard Rock routinely has older equipment parts. I can't promise anything, but a phone call sure can't hurt. They can be reached at 252-441-1360 or www.meob.com. Good luck.