Noisey radar array



I have a Navnet1 with 4 foot open array that has become noisy when turning. It only does in when in transmit. There is no noise when in standby mode. I assume that it is the motor or a bearing in the array.

Is there any maintenance that needs to be done, ie: grease, lube, etc? I couldn't find anything in the 1900C operators manual.

Any thoughts on the issue?


Open array radars have bearings (upper and lower) in the rotator joint. These are sealed bearings and require no service. Noise could come from worn gears, bearings or just basic resonance because of how the array is mounted. Variable speed gearboxes like the new UHD will make more noise, when running at higher rates of speed. You can always have your local dealer evaluate.
If you can turn your array while the unit is off and it makes a screeching noise, or possibly a "chunking" noise. The most probably culprit is your bearings, they very rarely do go bad, but when they do you know it.