NN3DBB Service Manual

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I'm sorry but service manuals are not distributed outside of Furuno USA.
Can you describe your problem and perhaps we can help.
I need to repair one so the service manual would be helpful.
If you contact our service department in Camas, Washington (360-834-9300) or Denton, Maryland (410-479-4420) they should be able to help you troubleshoot the system and make any suggestions for repair. A local Furuno dealer might also be able to help you out.
Thank you for your response. I am a qualified electronican working with bridge equipment for 14 years. I prefer repairing the unit myself in my workshop. Is there still no places I can get the manual?
I am sorry but schematics are proprietary. The installation manuals and owner’s manual however are available on line. Once again our service department can help you trouble shoot, but we do not recommend component level repair.
I have now fixes some hardware issues with the blackbox unit. Next problem is booting. It start booting but stops at the "Navnet in front of a circle" picture. After upgrading to 2.07 (from furunousa.com) it repeats the samt thing. I have passed the "Do you make Auth file?" message and rebootet again. It now stops at the same screen as earlier.

Any suggestions?
As Melville said, it might be best to contact tech support while you are at the unit, to help with troubleshooting. If you are outside the USA sales and support area, then you might want to talk with your local distributer. It sounds like you have attempted an incremental update and the unit isn’t fully booting up. I would suggest a COMBO update of the black box unit with the proper bootable USB stick. A USB mouse and Keyboard will be required.
I have only tried the combo update and it stops at the navnet logo page. I can see the mouse hour glass working now and then, also one progress bar in the lower left corner working some times. But it never seems to end. Do you know what the unit is working with?
If you have properly completed the combo update, and the unit still fails to startup properly; it is time to send the unit in for service.
A little progress since last reply.
I managed to reset the unit by using a PS2 keyboard and "esc" key, this was for some reason not working on my usb keyboard.

What happens now is that the "Installation wizard" shows up, I can play with the port configuration but when I quit the wizard it wait for a 10-20 seconds before the wizard starts over again.

(please don't reply I need to send it for service again ;) )
I have now logged in to the Windows shell (explorer.exe) on the unit. When I start the nnshell.exe it starts the Installation wizard and repeats like before. If I start the furuno.blackbox.exe nothing happens, the process even closes after a while.
I am sure this is a software problem, anyone else tried to update the blackbox to 2.07?

Is there a contact information for the software developers?
Your black box has a serious issue. You should have your unit serviced by an authorized dealer or your local distributor's service center. We do not provide support in programming or shell operations of the black box processor. If your unit was purchased in the USA, I would recommend you send the unit to our service center for evaluation. You would send the unit to the Furuno Repair Facility with a detailed description of the problem. No RMA number or initial payment is required. Please make sure to include your contact information. The address is listed below for your convenience.

Furuno USA, Inc
Attn: Service Department
4400 NW Pacific Rim Blvd.
Camas, WA 98607-9408

The Service Center will contact you concerning cost and billing after the unit has been evaluated. The Service Center has a $100 evaluation fee for out of warrantee items, but they will apply that towards the repair cost, if you choose to have it repaired. Repair time can vary depending on work load and season. (Mostly 7-10 business days plus postal time.) If you need to contact our service center they can be reached at 360-834-9300. (ask for the service center)
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