NN3D - MF12 - Data Port 2 MOB alarm


Furuno Fan
I upgraded my MF12's to V2.11 last weekend and lost my user configuration.

With that lost configuration went my MF12 -> radio DSC connection though a FRUDD-18AFFM-L180 cable still connects the 2. This weekend offshore I noted each time I transmitted on that radio the MF12 beeped and a new MOB was set on each beep. I unplugged the cable at the dock, transmitted and no beep and no more MOB.

I have no configuration on Port 2 on the MF12 - factory default.

Assuming I figure out the MF12 -> radio connection to deliver Lat/Long information for the DSC connection - what di I have to do on the MF12 itself to turn off the Buzzer or EVENT IN messages coming in presumably on Pin 15 of that cable.
It would be related to something you have setup on your external event/buzzer wires of the 18 pin cable of the MFD12. I would recommend changing the software setting under MENU - ALARM - External Alarm Input; change to OFF.

If you have data wired to a radio, normally you would checkmark the following NMEA output sentence for the port which you have wired.

I did call support last week anf they walked me through clearing the MOB alarm which resolved the problem.

Root cause seems to be "load" on my 12V system is causing Pin 15/white wire to pulse as the GPS atill beeps; no MOB set when I transmit or when my deck hose is running. No obvious short in the pigtail but at least I no longer am generatong 200 MOB's per tgrip!