NN3D Firmware Update 2.11


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I just noticed that Update Instructions and Version History for v2.11 are available on the Furuno MFD8 and MFD12 pages, but I can't find the actual Updater. It is not listed on the Software tab of the product pages, and MyNavnet doesn't know of its existence either. So where is the update available?


You were not suppose to see the instructions yet. :)
Nice find.

Today V3 for the TZT was released for download and NN3D software is very soon.
Folks with mixed systems should NOT upgrade until both updates have released.

The TZtouch can be updated by Wi-Fi starting on Monday. (by download and SD card now)

Again, Nice catch Greg. It just shows you how close the NN3D software is to officially releasing.
The Appendix to the How to Update NN3D to v2.11 document contains two sections labelled "2.1"....good if this were corrected to avoid confusion. Also, in the section headed '2.1 How to backup Routes & Waypoints', the instructions refer to using the SD card slot of the NN3D keyboard: not relevant to MFD8/12 users & should be corrected by adding directions for MFD users?
I successfully upgraded 3 MFDs with 2.11 today. It appears all is well! :)

On one, I backed up the 'user settings' and it restored the data boxes to what I had previous. Is there a downside to doing this? I wonder as the instructions don't mention backing up user settings.
A further query on the How to Update document, again involving the Appendix, which states that an SD card of 2GB MAX must be used. I thought with v2.07, an SD card of up to 32G could now be used? Could you clarify pls.
I think they would rather you use a 2GB card when updating because you are booting off of the card and the newer software that allows larger card support (2.07 and up) isn't even being booted up. Better safe than sorry they say...
My first attempt at upgrading using a 16GB card did not work. The system just sat at the splash screen and went no further. Using a card smaller than 2GB worked fine.

Your post in April on the NN3D and AIS (AIS-SART and AIS beacons) thread, you thought there would be 2 releases this summer. It appears we skipped over 2.09 and 2.11 includes the SART support you thought might be in the second release. So, are you expecting any more releases in the near future?

Our software updates are not necessarily numerically sequential. Sometimes interim numbers are used just for internal beta testing.

At present there is not another scheduled update in the near future.
Yes, Furuno USA skipped the release of 2.09 software.
You never know what the future holds but there are plans for newer 3D software in the future. When and what it will contain, I can't say.
So I'm a software guy and have strong opinions. Hell of an upgrade process for thr 90's but inexcusable to ask the user to save their config, perform a master reset, reboot, reload config, reboot, etc. Whoever designed that should be required to install Windows 3.1 service pack 24 over and over.

Do I erally need to understand DHCP servers in 2013? C'mon...

I followed instructions; got my 2 MFD's upgraded; then tried to reload my points, tracks and user config into the master. Reboot as the intructions said and the MFD hung on the Furuno boot screen. After 10 minutes of waiting I reinstalled and reupgraded all over again got both MFD's up *without* my old configuration and now have joy of trying to remember 4 years of fussing with my radar to make it perfect.

Dear Furuno/Johnny Electron - geek talk here - how do I get into my olf config file and see my radar settings so I can recreate them. All is forgiven if you tell me how or provide me that tool!

Larry Backman
Does this mean that Exporting User Setup, and then Importing User Setup after the update, doesn't work to preserve (or reinstate) all the various settings I've entered since the v2.07 update?

Thanks, I appreciate the quick reply.

I've successfully upgraded to v2.11 now, and restoring my previously-saved User Setup does seem to have returned everything to my preferences.

I have been an IT guy, so I hoped I was able to translate the "How to Update NN3d to v2.11 (Combo Update)" instructions into a useful coarse of action. (No specific mention of Importing User Setup or Tracks after updating, several "leap of faith" (missing) instructions, first steps as paras 2.1 and 2.2 in the Appendix instead of in the main body, etc.) I guess that worked, but I believe the process could have been more clearly laid out, and in correct order instead of back to front.

I had taken extensive notes on the various menu settings... but I'd forgotten about all the talk/listen port settings in the Installation Wizard... so I had a bit of a clinch as I went through that part. I simply selected "Next" through that whole part of the Wizard, hoping for the best.

After Importing the User Setup and another reboot, it looks like the MFD-12 is good and all the other units on the network seem to be talking to each other. Importing Points and Routes worked as expected (and as in previous updates).

BUT... when the MFD starts up, I get an alarm warning: "Position Data Missing! Press Menu Button"

The first part of that shows up in Alarms/Log (tab) in the Active window briefly, and also shows up in the Log window.

Shortly thereafter, about 8 seconds, the situation seems to resolve itself, the MFD acquires position data (specifically COG and SOG, even though we're in the slip) and also sends it to the radar, VHF, etc.

Is there something about v2.11 that causes position resolution to be slightly slower than with previous versions?

I did an successful upgrade from 2.7 to 2.11

One of the reasons was this
NN3D V2.11 Software (latest)
*New: Compatibility with AIS-SART. IAIS nstead of a generic AIS triangle icon, SART icon is
displayed. AIS –SART symbols are now displayed on NN3D MFD8/12 and MFDBB

Arranged for at test with my electronics supplier.
He set off a AIS Sart.
The strange thing is that it did not show on my MFD8 at all..
I could however *see* other AIS Targets on the MFD
The AIS Sart did show with its MMSI number on my Ramarine i70 display.
My AIS transponder is an Em-trak B100 with outputs data both on NMEA 2000 and NMEA 0183
The NN3D receive data on NMEA 0183 38.4k baud link
The i70 get the data over NMEA 2000

Are there any settings I did miss?
Thanks Johhny for the help - Most of my config has been recreated by hand.

I have another anomaly. About every 3rd boot the master MF12 does not find the DFF module and the fishfinder screen, data, etc is blank. Reboot a 2nd, and sometimes 3rd time and there it is, FF function and data is back. No wiring issues; the only change was the upgrade from 2.07 to 2.11.

Is there some sort of boot timing issue that has been instroduced?

If the issue of not seeing the FF and data persists for you, try re-running the install wizard. That should quickly clear it up.