NMEA0813 out from FCV620

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Hi, hope this is the appropriate spot for this question.......
Anyone have luck outputting the depth data on a FCV 620 to a no Furuno plotter?
I have a Lowrance Global map 9200 that has the GPS signal sent to the 620 but it the 620 depth will not show up on the 9200.
Is this a no can do or have I just done something wrong (usual situation LOL)
The Lowrance has a Furuno
Yellow send----------------------- Yellow
Orange receive--------------------White
Shield ground----------------------Blue + Green
Toggling the screens all seems set right?
Thanks for any insight
Kuddos Furuno for setting up this sit to help people out :jump
You wiring seems correct for a bi-directional connection from your Global map 9200 and the Furuno FCV620. (using port 1 of the Lowrance) Since the Lowrance is running NMEA 0183 version 2.0 you should ensure that the FCV620 is also set to that same version. (MENU - SYSTEM - NMEA) You should have the FCV620 port set to IN/OUT and not IN/IN. You also want NMEA ouput OFF. (yes off, that is for when you want to let NMEA from other equipment pass thru the FCV620. You don't want that in this connection or it will cause a data loop..BAD)
If you still have problems getting the temp and depth from the sounder on your Lowrance, you might try using port 2 of the unit in case there is something wrong with com 1. The wiring would be as follows for a bi-directional connection.
FCV620-------- GlobalMap 9200
White Green
Blue Shield
Yellow Blue
Green Shield

If it still isn't working and you have checked the splices/junction; I would suggest having a dealer or our service center check the FCV620 output port. When you are making this connections do not put any other "listeners" or devices into the mix until you get these two units talking first.
I hope that is helpful.
As the subject is the same, permit me to hijack this thread.
In case of connecting to a Garmin GPSMap 720 where NMEA0183 ground is the same as power ground, is it OK to connect TD-B and RD-B of the Furuno to power ground?

Thank You.
Ok thanks for the reply Johnny, your suggestions are greatly appreciated :furuno
I will try your suggestions out on Tues when I return home and post back my findings.

Well try as I may no such luck?
I have tried both screens and both NMEA cables and can only get the 620 to listen.
Can you recommend a rep in the Van BC Canada area?
Sr SQ,
Just wanted to make sure you weren't thinking that you could get your Furuno sounder picture to show up on your Lowrance. That can't happen. The best you can do is get the digital depth and temp. No display.
Yes thats correct Dave, just want the digital depth read out on the chart plotters.
Just wanted to update, the guys at Global Marine fixed me up.
As I had expected it was a setting I had overlooked on the FCV and the NMEA output was turned off....had I scrolled down the menu bar farther I would have seen that duhh.
Anyway thanks for all the support and I am now off and running.
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