2.11 update, new owner, what have I done?



MFD12-Master, Lower Helm
MFD8-Lower Helm
MFD8-Upper Helm
Furuno HUB1
DFF1 ---> Airmar B126 20* tilt
Sirius BBWX1

AP22 Auto Pilot

Azmiuth 1000 Digital Compass (Dunno if this is connected at the moment)

So new boat to me, new to Furuno, new to autopilots. I wanted to install some new charts for my area, as the boat came from the northeast and had a gap along the St. John's River in Jacksonville, and saw a new firmware version so thought I would update. I blindly followed the instructions and Totally Missed, the Export User Settings/Export Tracks buttons staring me in the face :angry . I only backed-up waypoints, which was my mistake. So off to doing a Master Reset and successful upgrade I was introduced to this wonderful thing called the Installation Wizard.

I continued on with the set-up and quickly realized I was unprepared to fully restore the system and knew nothing about it, other than some obvious buzzwords; ports, outputs, speed, temp, depth, XTE, Nav, Sat...... So fuddle my way through that not knowing what needs to be done or checked on the NEMA tabs, I get to the depth finder and it's asking me model number which I only know as B126, so I go the manual route set, it 2000/500 and 1000w everything else on the tab I left alone.

Then get to the user tabs about global settings and they are a little more intuitive on what I want them to be.

SO, the purpose of me posting this thread is for help on optimizing my set-up. I am new to Furuno and the boat so it's an excellent chance for me to learn about the operation and configuration.

I would not be posting this is everything worked the way it did before the update, but it's not and so I need to find out what's going on.

Chart Plotter works, I think it's accurate, I just loaded the new raster and vector charts.
Radar works
Sirius has an enabled icon.
The sirius, I don't subscribe to or use, so at the moment I am not too concerned with that.
The charts I loaded are up to date and the gaps are filled in.

The depth finder, which I thought was plug and play and recognized airmar tranducers, had selections for "pick model" or "manual". Didn't know the Furuno Model or if it was even listed but I do know its a 200/50kHz 1000W ducer. So i just set that any left all the other fields as is. The sounder is super slow to pick up bottom and gave readings of 2' when I was in 12' of water. I tried to set auto on what options I could, but transmit power and some other things I have no idea about what is a optimal baseline. The auto ranging wasn't functioning but I think that was because it couldn't establish a clear depth. I need to know how I should set this up, the depth's seem erratic in shallower water,4-6' canal, and a lot slower to pick up bottom. Basically I don't trust the information it's giving me. One time over a spot was 2'. 30 min later on the return it was 12'? I will redo the wizard and see if there is anything I missed or can do differently.

Autopilot I haven't attempted to test because I wanted to double check before I did anything. I can put it into NAV mode and it corrects the rudder as needed. So in other words there are no fault codes in testing at the dock.

Sorry to ramble on, I am just trying to lay it all out. In the mean time I will continue on searching the forums for useful threads. Thanks All.

If you are a Furuno USA customer, it might be best if you can call into tech support while you are at the boat. They can normally talk you through your setup when you are having problems.