NMEA cables



I am in search of two cables with the P/N below but all the ones I have seen have only one connector. I want to connect the cables between my 1622 radar, 1850D plotter and 582L sounder. Can the cables below be ordered with a connector on each end?

Furuno 000-154-054 6 Pin NMEA Cable (Old 000-117-603)
There are 6 pin cables with connectors at both ends. (Like p/n 000-159-695: 6 pin 6pin straight connection cable) To connect your three units together you would normally use a junction box and wire the NMEA cables together so the signals are routed to the proper locations. Since there are so many different units, the NMEA cable connection is almost always a custom wring job. In your case where you are trying to connect three items will require custom wiring for sure.