Sharing information and adding radar



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I'm hoping you all can help me get the right gear to finish rigging my boat. I purchased a couple pieces for Christmas ( FCV 587 and GP1870 ) The FF is put with a SS264n Pair and I love it! Any links to tips and tricks would be appreciated.

So I've got those two on the starboard side and I'm interested in putting the 1715 and GP33 on the port side ( I just finished building my arch - Also what base would you recomend for a riser +-6" for the radar? ). Boat has a walk through to the bow so cable wise it will be around 12'.

I read the following on another post:

As far as your question goes, I would recommend the GP33 for your situation. The reason being is the GP33 is a fully functioning WGPS plotter that produces both NMEA0183 data (needed for the 1715) and NMEA2000 data you may need for future equipment. With the GP33 you'll be able to make a waypoint or route and when you choose to "goto" that route or waypoint, a "lollipop" will appear on your 1715 screen to show you exactly where to steer to on your 1715 screen. You also be able to view lat/long and various other NMEA sentences on the 1715 screen as well. To do this you will need to make sure you get a NMEA input cable for the 1715 (Furuno part #000-154-054) to accept NMEA data and an NMEA0183 output cable for the GP33 (Furuno part # 000-156-405) to supply the data to the 1715. The GP33 also make a great primary GPS (or backup GPS) if needed.

The RD33 is a nav data repeater used for repeating various NMEA0183 and NMEA2000 sentences from other equipment but is usally used when another GPS or other devices are already in use onboard.

Please let us know if you need anything else.


So I'll add those cables, but how to tie the others together. I think I'll need converter cable # IF-NMEA2K2 from the GP1870, but maybe you all have a better idea, or rather a correct idea:) Thanks so much for your time, and I look forward to learning my Furuno gear.
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Concerning your riser for the radar scanner, we don't offer one but there are many off-the-shelf options from most marine stores. I haven't established any preference but the hole pattern for the radar is 160mm x 160mm.

The cables for sending GPS to your 1715 is a good idea.
The wiring needed would be connected like this...

GP33 ------- 1715

At this point I see no need for you to have an IF-NMEA2k2 for your GP1870F because the 1715 will be driven from the GP33.