Newby Question, adding radar to an existing TZ system


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OK, I added the TZ14 to my boat this summer with chart, AIS, weather and fishfinder. What a great system. At the time my radar, an old Simrad unit, was working perfectly and did not want to spend the money to replace an existing system.

Naturally, the moment I docked in La Paz, MX the unit failed, bad power supply on the main board and no repair parts available. Thanks Simrad.

So my question is, how easy is it to add an open array to the system? I have limited access to Furuno experts in La Paz so I would be doing most of the work myself (I'm somewhat capable).

Any suggestions or comments?
You would only need to order a suitable DRS and matching radar power supply to add the radar to your system. I would recommend the DRS4A or DRS6A with the PSU012 power supply. The DRS will come with a 15 meter scanner cable. The DRS will connect to the PSU012 and the PSU012 will connect to the TZT14 network connection. If you have already used your provided network cable that came with the TZT14, you will need to order another to connect up to the PSU. I am sure you will really love the Ultra High Def radar on your TZT.
Thanks for the reply and confirmation of my research. I've got the DRS6A and PSU012 in my shopping cart, just need to figure out how to get them to Mexico......
You might want to talk to one (or both) of the Furuno distributors in Mexico. You can find Furuno distributors at the web site and select "Locate a Distributor" then "Marine" and finally the area you are looking for. Furuno USA discourages customers from self exporting product into areas outside of our sales and support area.