new to me 139 6/10 and 4kw radar



Hello, hello i replaced my 1622, 600l amd Global map 2000 with a navnet 1 system.

i know its older but I am a 15 a year offshore fishing type off the coast of san francsco and i am thinking this will be an upgrade in GPS, and radar and maybe in my finder even though its a little old.

So my question is should i update the software??? and how can I replace the trackball... can i do this myself or must I ship it to Furuno??? and what else would you guys suggest before i install it... thanks
If the trackball assembly requires replacement, I would recommend you let your local dealer or our factory service center do the work. They can also update the software in the unit while it is being serviced. Updating the software on the NN1 isn't user friendly like the newer Vx2, 3D, or TZT systems. I highly recommend you let someone else do it.