New FCV1150 problem



Good Morning ,
I recently purchased an FCV 1150 and installed 2 transducers in wet boxes , a 200B-8B and a 50BL-12HR. I had the marine electrician come and do the connections however the sounder will not go to the start up page , the screen just goes to white for about 1 second and then fades to black , it then gives one beep and stays black , and we can hear the fan running.
The Marine electrician has over 30 years experience.
Can you help .
Are you are measuring between 12-24VDC on the FCV-1150 power terminals while you are turning the sounder on? Also you need need to hold the power button in for about 1-2 secs.

Snips ,

Yes voltage stays above 12v whilst turning on , this time it was12.84v dropping slightly on turning on but always staying above 12v. The brill button is pushed for 1-2 seconds and I get the same result , screen lights up to partially white and then fades to black, the cooling fan remains running.
Further investigations with another marine electronics business here and they said they had previously had the same problem with the same unit and it was the LCD Module not working and I should return it for warranty.
Do you agree with this diagnosis.

Kim caporn
In checking with our service department they report seeing a few LCD issues but with different symptoms. Either way I would advise taking the sounder into a Furuno dealer for a look.