best transducers and mounting for fcv1150



Hello , I am currently waiting on delivery of the fcv1150 and was wondering if you could advise me on the best transducers in 2kw to buy and the best mounting for bottom fishing from inshore out to 400 metres plus deep. I have just been advised by my seller that the fcv1150 is not chirp enabled and if this is the case then its no good hanging around for that.

I have been looking at the 200B-8B rubber coated and the CA50BL-12R , 2kW rubber coated.
Would you regard these as my best options and is there a fairing block available for these.
The hull is fibreglass and the stern has no flat areas but basically slopes upward at about 20 degrees. Can a fairing block be fitted with this angle , obviously by shaping so it runs horizontal and if so what is the product number for it.
I currently run a 582l , 600w in an internal wet box which I fitted and works great , but looking at all the posts I would like the option of going to a fairing block if required .
Especially considering the investment. Regards gageroads23
Furuno doesn't make a fairing block for the transducesr you mentioned. Have you looked at a CA50/200TID-R99? It is a 2kw 50/200 with a temp sensor all in one housing and comes with a fairing block.