Networked RDP-149s



I have two RDP-149s that are networked together. Depth is received on the network and NAVNET1 (the starboard RDP) receives GPS via a GP-37, AIS info, Radar, and heading. Position data and heading are output through network to the port side (NAVNET2). The NAVNET1 is also used for charts. Waypoints and routes are identical on both RDPs and a route can be initiated from either side.

If I initiate a route on NAVNET1, NAVNET2 displays the route only to the next waypoint (wich is now represented as a quick point). If I cancel navigation from NAVNET1 navigation is cancelled on both RDPs. However if I cancel navigation on NAVNET2 navigation on NAVNET1 will continue. If I navigate a new route or to a new point on NAVNET2 the new route will overide the navigation on NAVNET1 and both RDP's will be synced again.

I can understand this logically and it seems to be working properly but does anyone know if navigation initiated on one RDP can be cancelled (on both RDPs) from the RDP that did not initiate the route.
When running a mixed NN1 and Vx2 system, it is normal for it to work like you describe. Since the NN1 will continue the route when trying to cancel from the Vx2, there is another way to accomplish your goal. Don't cancel the navigation. At the Vx2, conduct another “new” navigation; for example to a single “GOTO” waypoint. When you set a new navigation, it will cancel the current navigation (route) being driven from the NN1. Then you can cancel the Navigation “GOTO” that you just set by your Vx2. This will allow you to cancel the route on the NN1 without going over to the NN1 display.
Thanks Johnny, that is what we have been doing. The system is not a mixed system, both units are Vx2's. We only named them NAVNET1 and NAVNET2, I guess my post was confusing.