Network Radar?



Hi guys,

what kind of radars can be connected through network hub to the computer and are compatible with MaxSea TimeZero?

Why I ask:
I installed to board computer MaxSea TimeZero software, to use it as chartplotter, inside the boat.
On flybridge I had installed chartplotter 1824C/NT which is connected together with computer and sounder through network hub (ethernet).

The computer receives data from chartplotter about position, and data from sounder.
Chartplotter have connected Furuno radar, that was together with him as "set".

Unfortunately, MaxSea TimeZero sees the radar, but can not control and receive any radar data. But chartplotter of course, without problems.
This is comparability issue between TZ and NavNet vx2, as they said in furuno, no way to resolve that.

To have NavNet vx2 radar working on computer, only way to use MaxSea Classic software which is almost discontinued product, and so very old. Also I read somewhere about some comparability problems with OS Windows 7 and newer, so I don't wanna to use it.

The radar required only in case you located inside of the boat, in no-good weather conditions only, so it's more important to have a working radar here, than on flybridge (you will not drive from there in fog, right?).

I decided to remove my current radar, and purchase a new one, which can be used with computer, desirable with overlay in TZ (I have compass).
I found that Nobeltec radars are working directly with their software (very similar), but can someone tell me if it sure will work with MaxSea TZ too?

Exist some other radars which can be used this way?

Thank you!
The PC software to view and control the 1824C/NT radar was special "NavNet" versions of the old MaxSea Classic; and it was not compatible with windows 7. MaxSea Classic is no longer sold or supported by MaxSea.

As you discovered the MaxSea TZ software can pull basic NMEA data from the Furuno network but NOT see or control the radar of the 1824C/NT. There is no version or option to change that.

MaxSea TZ and Nobeltec TZ offer versions and options to control some of the new digital radars when connected to a NavNet 3D or NavNet TimeZeroTouch system. These are the DRS2D, DRS4D, DRS4A, DRS6A, DRS12A, and DRS25A. If you wish to move to these newer NavNet systems, you might want to discuss your needs with your local Furuno dealer.
Thank you for your reply.

I'm know that radars from new NavNet 3D system are compatible with MaxSea TZ.
The problem is that I have installed the chartplotter from NavNet vx2 series already, and it's too expensive to change it.

Can you please tell me, if exist an possibility to have an radar on computer, but without upgrading to NavNet 3D or NavNet TimeZeroTouch system?
I mean, if I can install a radar, maybe from third-party manufacturer, which is controllable and viewable from MaxSea TZ?
Yes, I understand, that in this case the radar will be unavailable from NavNet chartplotter, but for me is ok this state of affairs.

I had a discuss with Nobeltec, and they said that their MDS-8R Radar have direct Ethernet connection, so I can connect it without any NavNet systems between.
I not sure if the same thing I can do with TZ from MaxSea, because despite of overall similarity, the programs are different.

Maybe my question not placed exactly in right place, but I hope for your reply.