NavnetTZ Touch Chart Master/Slave Issue v3.12


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We have a Furuno TZT-BB set as a Chart Master, which we have purchased and unlocked a license for. We also added a TZT-14 later on the HUB-101 on the same Network and it keeps complaining that " NO CHART MASTER WAS DETECTED". I see Points and Routes are been synced across both units but we can't seem to unlock the same chart on the TZT-14, and when the Chart Master is switched ON in the TZT-14, the TZT-BB complains that "SEVERAL CHART MASTERS DETECTED".
Both versions are v3.12.
Any pointers will be dearly appreciated.

Even if running a mixed network, the TZtouch system must have a chart master. This is NOT the same as a NN3D master. So if you have one or more TZtouch units, you must select one to be your chart master. In your case, if it is only this one TZTouch unit on your boat then you should turn the chart master setting ON. (Menu - Initial Setup - Chart master [On])
This will stop the TZT from complaining about not having a chart master.

When it comes to charts on a mixed system, the NN3D system ID and the TZtouch system ID can be joined/linked together by your Furuno distributor as long as they are on the same network. You would need to provide both your NN3D system ID and the TZtouch system ID to your distributor so they can join the two licenses under your name. If you are a Furuno USA customer, you can do this by phone or via our normal support system. (Support - Ask Furuno a question)
Thanks Johnny,
To be more clear, I have 2 units TZTBB and TZT-14 on the network (No NN3d). The TZTBB is set as Chart Master, TZT-14 as slave (Chart Master OFF). The problem: The System ID from TZTBB doesn't appear on the TZT-14. [Note: It works the other way around, if the TZT-14 is set as Chart Master, TZTBB picks up the TZT-14's System ID.]
I contacted Furuno Japan and got a reply last night, it seems the main PCB is defective, and since it's still under warranty, it'll be replaced F.O.C.
I confirmed this by replacing the TZTBB with another one, set as Chart Master, and voilà ! The new TZTBB's System ID was displayed on the TZT-14. Only left to contact Maxsea for chart transfer!
Thanks for your help!
JR :furuno
It is great they identified the problem for you so quickly and taking care of it.

I haven't encountered a problem where the system ID only is shared one direction. That was really odd.

Thanks for sharing.