Navnet3D v2.11 currents


The current displays on 2.11 are significantly off in a lot places that I've used it. They are often 180* off. I checked them against realty, Maxsea TZ and OpenCPN. Is there a tides file that needs to be updated when you go to 2.11?

I updated to the latest tides file. The tide displays seem to have large errors. I was looking at the Potomac River today. The tidal graph looked OK, but the text display next to it shows the time of high tide with a height of 0.5feet and the time of low tide with height of 1.6 feet -- implying that low tide is higher than high tide. The text does not follow the graph display.

The currents don't seem any better with the newer tides file.

I would recommend checking that your time and date are reflected correctly in your data box. (to make sure the unit's time is set correctly) Then compare the data to the source reference (NOAA). If you find some differences, please open a support case with the area in question with details. If the data matches, then any errors you perceive should be reported direct to NOAA for their consideration.

Here are some useful links from NOAA: ... tidetables