navnet3d dont go on after update 2.11


i run the update 2.11 from the web of nn3d in furuno usa
now after restart the mfd 12 dont want to go on
i try the master reast and the mfd12 dont want to run again i discunnect everything and still the same
just for knowing everithing was great before this upgrade
It is hard to say what might have gone wrong for you. What version of software was in the unit prior to attempting the upgrade?
hello and thanks
the software was 2.07 the last one ,and i try to upgrade to 2.11
everything was goog i buy the drs4a radar and its dont work with the line cable so i try the upgrade
for now i take out all the connection only the power cable and try to do the master reast and the mfd12 dont let me to do after 5 min master reast
thanks again

my sysytem is
navnaet 3d mfd12 with bbds1 and m12-50/200 transducer gp320 (0183)
fcv1150 with airmar r509 m-l chirp transducer(line)
maxsea explorer pbg(line)
and now the radar drs4a 3.5" i try to connect the radar with the original cable line and power and it wont working so for now i will try the nm2k but first i will need the mfd 12 to wake up first

hop for fast help and thanks again
If the display is not coming up with just the power cable connected; it sounds like the software has been corrupted. I would try a combo update using a 2GB SD card. If it doesn't work, contact the Furuno distributor in your country.