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Hello: Glad to see Furuno's support for a website. I purchased a Navnet 3D mmfd12, it came with many charts preloaded. Some are "included" and some are "locked". I want to sort thru the charts to delete ones I will not use, add ones I plan to use, and "unlock" ones that I may also use. I wrote down all the preloaded chart numbers (some 40 or 50),by chart number such as SDRO1PO1MAP01 (which is locked). How can I efficiently sort thru these to determine their area of coverage to determine if I want to keep it or delete it? The furuno wbsite does not seem to have such a listing by chart numer.
Welcome aboard Tcat.
The MFD12 contains many pre-loaded charts. The ones supplied by NOAA, both raster and vector, are free and unlocked. They contain the entire catalog for the USA. The additional locked charts were loaded based on the most common charts that have been sold to date. An example would be the Jeppesen East Coast and Bahamas region.

As far as what charts to leave, add or delete, it would be most helpful to learn a bit about your boat, your boating region, and your boating activity. That will allow us to narrow down your focus and make a recommendation on which charts would be best for your application.

I look forward to hearing back.
Hello Melville: Thanks for the response!! My primary use is fishing NJ coastal waters, inshore and offshore canyons, I run out of Barnegat Inlet. The MFD12 is on a 27 Whaler, I also run a 46' Ocean with NAVNET1, which I might upgrade to 3D at a later date.
Hey TCat,

Depending on when you bought your MFD12, you will either have a 40GB or 80GB hard drive. All MFD12s shipped from Furuno warehouses after January 21st of this year contain the 80GB hard drive. Aside from the extra storage space, the only other major difference noticeable to end users was the extra charts (Locked and Unlocked) that were preloaded onto the hard drive. See the list here 3D Preloaded Charts (Updated 8-2011).pdf to review the various chart codes to get an idea of which charts you need, and which ones you don't. It's also a good idea to visit to make sure you download the latest revisions of the Raster/Vector charts and also to download the Satellite PhotoFusion charts for Jersey and the surrounding area. Make sure your system is updated to 2.07, which enables you to use up to a 32GB SDHC card with the MFD series. To check your system software, simply press Menu and scroll down to the My NavNet page, and to the right you will see System Revision: X.XX.

For some live help from the Camas Crew, be sure to visit and there is actually a video dedicated to the instruction of how to manually install/uninstall charts from the system.

If you need further assistance regarding your current software, just drop another reply with what software you have it it isn't current, as that will help us point you in the direction of which updates you need to install and where they can be found.

Good to see someone from the Shore on the forum, I spent many summers down on LBI heading out of Barnegat Inlet. The inlet can get a little ugly during the ebb and flood, but you can't beat the location when it comes time to make a run to the canyons. Feel free to ask any other questions you might have, you've come to the right place.
Thank you Precision Marine. That was a very thoughtful and complete response. This is the type of informative posts those of us at Furuno USA hope to see from our authorized dealers. :jump

The PDF file that Precision provided the link for is a perfect document to study your chart load. If your current charts are up to date based on the chart name listed in the PDF there is no need to add or unlock anything for you current needs. Especially check the chart name code for your areas raster and vector. (Example: The free US East Coast Vector chart should be SDUS00V57MAP05). If your charts are current then the only items you might want to add are the satellite photos for your region.

Please take a look at your Data Catalog in your chart menu in order to determine how many memory slots are available. Depending on the number of slots that are available and the number of sat photos you might wish to have you might not need to delete any charts. If you do need to delete anything please be careful to double check what you are deleting. A good choice for you might be Alaska, Hawaii, Canada West Coast, or the Great Lakes. Do not delete any data listed under US-3D Data or World Data. (These categories will be clear to you once you download the PDF that Precision provided the link to)

And when you head out to the canyons for some fishing remember to switch to the “Fishing Charts” from the Roto-Key for bathymetric detail when you are out there. Switch back to Raster or Vector when it is time to navigate home.

Let us know if there are any further questions. We are here to help.

Go to the chart menu- data catalog. If you have 15 memory slots, both occupied and remaining, it is a 40g drive. If that total is 30 then it is 80g.

I buyed the caribean charts MM3-R90-8G0. I followed the instrucions and I arrived obtaining Ok unlock. When I try to find the chart i cant find it.
i tried deleting it to renistall it again but it never really deleted...
After deleting when I put the SD card the charts dont download. It says theyre already in.
Whats the problem? What the solution?
To determine the size of your hard drive go to the chart menu. Click on the Data catalog tab. If your total memory slots, available or occupied, totals 15 it is a 40gig HD.
If the total is 30 you have the 80gig HD.

The chart you mention, MM3-R90-8G0, is a raster chart of the Caribbean. Have you changed the chart format with the “Roto-Key” from vector to raster?

The charts that you should have loaded should be listed in the chart catalog as:

Let us know what you find.

.....thanks !! the problem was that "chart format" the plotter was in VECTOR format and I don't see the RASTER chart...but when I change OK all right!
there was also:SD908G01TIN04(3D) ,SD908G01LSAT01 ,SD908G02LSAT02(PHOTOS) THAT CAN'T TO CHARGE....
I have for two time ERROR : Furuno.BlackBox.Mfd.exe Error "A native exception has occurredin Furuno.Select Quit and then restart this program,or select Details"..... BUT THE SYSTEM WAS BLOCKED! I must to switchof....
Thanks.Best Regards.

It looks like you may have technical issue that cannot be resolved here on the forum. I suggest that you give our tech support a call at 360-834-9300, or contact your local Authorized Furuno Dealer to have them take a look at the unit.

I have purchased one set of unlock codes for my 3D system- I have 2 MFDBB units , but cannot enter the same codes into the second MFDBB. Do I need to purchase a second set of codes?
If the two MFDs are on the same boat and networked together, the same licence covers them both. The same unlock code works for both units. It could be the chart on the other machine is an older version/newer version that your unlock code doesn't unlock. Ensure that the chart version you are trying to unlock is the same as the machine that unlocked properly. If they are the same, then I would suspect that you don't have them properly networked or the chart somehow is corrupted on the second unit. Let us know what you find.
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