Navnet VX2



Hello Forum, I have a GD-1920C and would like to add two more monitors so I can use plotter/radar and sounder on their own screen. Is this possible?
If so what are my options for monitors.
Thanks in advance
The GD1920C is a 10.4" NavNet vx2 display. If you already have radar and sounder connected in the network then you would need 2 more GD1920C (often referred to as RDP149) to be able to view radar and sounder on a separate screen,

We still offer the NavNet vx2 but it is only available in the NT version using C-Map NT+ cartography. If you get back to us on what exactly you have in your system we can advise you on what the best way would be to accomplish your goal.
I have two GP-32 and a RD-30. A Voompc and a Nauticomp monitor with coastal explorer. The RD-30 is on its own transducer. A few times at night and blowing I have come into a bay with a lot of rocks. I find when I split the screen with radar and sounder it is to small to read at a quick glance. When I leave the screen on radar and use the RD-30 for depth I have the same problem. The more I learn about this system I am thinking that maybe what I need is a sounder on its own screen.
Thanks for the reply
If I was to add another GD 1920 would the plotter/sounder and radar work the same as the original and how would it install?
Yes, if you add another display it will work the same. It is connected via an Ethernet cable to a hub.
Our installation manual is on-line so you might want to download it.
You also might consider one of our local authorized dealers found here:

They will be able to help you the parts necessary to complete your task. In addition you will probably have to upgrade your software as a new unit will most likely be a later revision.