Navnet vx2 sounder settings



Hello all. I have a navnet vx2 on my 40foot boat.
I use the sounder for setting lobster pots mainly in depths 15 to 75 foot.
I have the sounder set on split screen with bottom discrimination
My problem is on the main screen I can't distinguish between a drop off or rise of the bottom and weed. The weed seems to blend in with the bottom. The deep figure on the left appears correct but the top of the echo will be 1 to 10 foot above which is basically the top of the weed/kelp.
What setting can I use to try and just see more shape of the bottom, I have tried adjusting Gain, TVG etc but can't seem to fix it.
Any tips would be greatly appreciated thanks
It is hard to visualize what you are seeing. Do you have any screen shots you can post? Also a list of your settings would be helpful.