NavNet VX2 Radar Setup



Can anyone tell me the procedure to go in and change the radar setting from a 1934 to a 1954 radar. I have went to all set up keys and cannot fine it.
Press and hold the menu key on power up; when you see the picture of the boat, you can let go of the menu key. If done correctly, there will be a start-up selection menu that appears. Choose Inst Mode. Once on a display screen, press menu, system configuration-installation setup-radar setup. Choose antenna type E for the 1954C/NT radar.
Thanks for the info, it worked out fine got it switched, but still wondering with the gain sensitivity set to auto moderate, the A/C Sea to auto moderate and the A/C Rain turned up to 75% that I do not see any beeps on the screen from 1/2 mile range out to 48 mile range when there is rain 3-5 miles out.
Any thoughts, I purchased this 30ft Pursuit in 2012 and all the Furuno NavNet VX2 system is new.
A/C Sea is set based on how the seas are, so if they are moderately choppy, you have the right selection of "auto moderate". The A/C Rain should be adjusted as minimally as possible. The higher you turn it up, the more the weaker targets will disappear; 75% seems too high to me. I'd suggest start at 0 and slowly turn it up until the screen becomes good enough to see real targets mixed with'll still look a little snowy, but if you get rid of all the "snow", then you'll miss other real targets.

Here's what I suggest for tuning up the radar for optimal results:

Go into installation mode again. Try the following settings while out in open water away from the marina:
On the radar display page:
1. Set range to 0.5nm or less
2. Signal Proc to: I REJ ="LOW"; E AVG="OFF"; and E STR="OFF"
3. Press GAIN button and set: Gain=Manual, 10; A/C Sea=Manual, 10; A/C Rain=0; and A/C AT=off

Got to radar setup in the menu
1. Set STC curve="WIDE"
2. Perform "Radar Optimization"
3. When optimization complete, set STC curve back to "Normal"

From Radar Display Page, press gain key and set: Gain="Auto Moderate"; A/C Sea="Auto Moderate"; and A/C Rain=0

See how the picture looks now. That should give you the best results.