NavNet VX2 conversion from C-Map to Navionics



I have 2006 NavNet VX2 1834C that is programed for C-Map NT Max.
Can I change the software so that I can use Navionics Gold cards? I see there are 2 different software packages on the support site for the 1834C. One is C-Map version 4.03 and one is Navionics version 4.01.
Is it as simple as just loading the Navionics software package? can you go back and forth by reloading the software?

In the Vx2, C-map seems to be the most preferred by customers. Just off the top of my head it runs about twice as fast and offer support for Sirius weather. I haven't seen and would not recommend reprogramming back and forth. You would be much better off updating your C-map unit to the newest software. Conversion software is normally reserved for dealers and the service center, so it isn't available for download on our web site.
Thanks Johnny. I will look at the new C-Map software. Mine is 2005 so I am sure there are lots of improvements on the current version.

Can you please also tell me what heading sensor options I require to get radar overlay on the 1834C?

Our PG500R would do the trick, but if you already have an autopilot on the boat you might be able to feed NMEA0183 heading to the NavNet unit. That would save you some money. :jump