Navnet vx2 clearing memory



I have been having problems getting a autopilot to function correctly and I have tried just about everything I can think of. I don't know how this would relate to my problem but what is the purpose of clearing memory and will I lose waypoints stored in unit and if so can I transfer to sd card prior to clearing.
Also where does that leave my gps as far as setting it back up as I only plan to clear memory for gps.
Just one other thing my problem is slow rate it seems navnet updates to ap 15-18 sec or so which causes ap to s back and forth along track. In Auto it works fine
Thanks Jeff
There is a very good chance your heading compass of your autopilot is incorrect. When an autopilot compass is off, it will work fine in auto. It just locks onto the wrong heading number and holds it. When in NAV mode, the pilot will steer incorrectly based on the bad heading data and the plotter will normally pull it back using the cross track error but it takes time. Next the pilot ends up steering the other way and this goes back and forth.

Drive your boat in a straight course for about 2 mins at 3knots or faster and then compare your pilot heading degrees with your boat steering compass and your GPS COG. I bet you find the heading is off from the other two.
Hey Johnny
Thanks so much for your reply, but was back in the boat trying to pull another far fetched idea for the millionth time and figured out that my installer had neglected to hook up RF ground to battery and low and behold I had a AP that tracked to waypoints and a route. It hung off the track line until it got close to waypoint but did make it
That being said I have to dial in AP now and my heading is 2-3 from my COG is that kinda the norm? in the AP end of things
Thanks hoejef