Navionics SD Cards


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I purchased a brand new TZTouch and was curious if my Navionics SD Gold card will work with this unit?

No. All charts are produced by our partner MapMedia. (
They are specially developed for the Time Zero format. Although they use various databases including Navionics in some areas your Gold card will not work.
So none of the Navionics SD cards will work with this unit and to get the appropriate maps I need to get a code from the dealer. I am in canada and looking specifically for the great lakes for my unit.

The preloaded TZtouch SD chart card (TZT-CHT-SD1) has two charts areas pre-loaded that covers the great lakes. You could license one of them and then put the unlock code.
You could purchase the C-map Great Lakes and Maritimes (p/n MM3-VNA-026)
See details here... ... +NavNet+3D
Or you could purchase the pre-loaded C-map Gulf of Mexico, Great Lakes and rivers (MM3-VNA-023)
See details here... ... +NavNet+3D
There are other charts that cover the great lakes but you would need to install the chart onto an SD card then unlock it. An example would be the datacore is by Navionics charts MM3-V90-0P0 Canada-Great Lakes West and MM3-V90-1P0 Canada-Great Lakes East.