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I recently updated my TZTouch9 to the latest Software, which should be able to control the Autopilot functions.

For that an update of the Autopilot Software is necessary. Obviously this update for the Autopilot isnt available yet.

Do you have the ETA of this update, so that I must not check the Support site weekly?

Thanks for the answer

Hello Oliver,
Version 16 software for the Navpilot 700/711 should be out by the middle of August.

Hmmh, there is a document reffering to v 1.06 of the Autopilot Software but no d/l.

Would like to upgrade so that the tztouch can "speak" with the ap ;)

I have been testing the new NavPilot software for some time now. It works great and I believe you will be able to download it some time this week. Stay tuned.

OK, I see the both files for headunit and processor are online.

There is no how-to-update-doc. From what I learned from the Batch it seems that upgrade is made via ser-comport.....tricky

Its not too bad. If you haven't used your laptop to update the autopilot before you will have to install drivers to do it. Once that is done the whole update process takes about 10 minutes or so. I have attached a set of instructions for you to help out with this. As the instructions state, make sure you update the processor first and the display second. Please let us know how you make out.



  • NavPilot 700 711 720 Software Update Procedure.pdf
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Thanks alot for the instructions! It was a bit tricky to get the Driver installed, didnt work out on my win8 Laptop, but with xp the update process was easy, I am up to date now and my tztouch is now "talking" with the navpilot.

Glad to hear it. I don't know what it is about Win8 machines. They seem to be quite "picky" with drivers. I am glad everything worked out for you though! :jump Please let us know if you need anything else.

Stickman":abe7otce said:

Glad to hear it. I don't know what it is about Win8 machines. Please let us know if you need anything else.


Well, I am not a pro, but it seems to me that with win8 only trusted Drivers will be installed, with win7/xp you can use "install anyway". I have an old netbook with winxp, that did the trick. Perhaps Furuno can "sign" the drive to make live easier for customers using win8.

Anything else?? Hmmh, the pg-700 is on v 1.03, if I am right the present Version is 1.06?? Does it makes sense to update the pg-700?
A couple of minor updates to the "NavPilot 700 / 711 / 720 PC Driver Install & Software Update Procedure" on Windows 7.
To get the drivers installed properly you need to unzip the _upd_c or _upd_d into its own directory and point the driver installer to the unzipped Navpilot-700.inf file. You also have to turn on the AP controller at the head, not just supply power to the computer.

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