Merging NN3D and MX TZ points and routes


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Marking locations in NN3D while underway works great, but creating navigation waypoints and route plans is tedious without full keyboard/mouse support. And even then, it's tedious. Planning in MX TZ is much easier and faster, but transferring TZ points and routes to the NN3D device overwrites existing user data. A "merge" function would be very useful.

1) Consider adding a pop-up option in NN3D/Import Files to choose between overwriting and merging. Overwriting would continue to function as current. Merging would compare existing NN3D and new TZ entries, eliminate duplicates, and combine non-duplicative entries from both sources.

2) Enable the Group function in MX TZ, to facilitate merging data onto either platform, and to make the hidden/visible toggle for various point "types" (fishing, nav, etc.) easier in TZ. Currently, TZ points default to Group attribute "1" (neither fishing, nav, danger, etc.) and after importing those into an NN3D device, each point must be individually designated into it's logical "group" using the Menu/Points/Alpha/Edit function prior to being able to use the Points/Manage All Groups function to make groups visible (or not). Enabling Groups in TZ would eliminate the disparity between NN3D and TZ.

I will pass your comments to our product development department.
Thanks for taking the time to point this out.