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Under 'Options', 'Ship & Track', The 'Track Data Recorded' button allows the user to select what data is to be recorded with the track. How can I view this data when it is recorded ?
That is what I thought, you can record the data with the automatic 'Track', but you cannot view it !
The user’s guide for MaxSea could be better for sure. My understanding from the user’s guide is the triggered events/data recorded are basically part of the Logbook. The track of your boat is always recorded in the background. There are two types of tracks; The Active Track and the Historical Track. When you go under OPTIONS, SHIP & TRACK, and select the items that are recorded, this is for the point on the track where a logbook entry has been manually or automatically triggered.

The "Active Track" is a line that is displayed behind the boat indicating the actual track of the vessel through the water. The parameters (color, thickness) and duration (amount of the track you want to have displayed behind your boat) is available in the "Ship and Track" menu.

The Historic Track is what I think you are looking for. This enables the display of a "chunk" of Track at any specified date and time. To display a Historic Track, right click on the “Track" button located in the Ribbon and choose the Calendar. The days that appear in bold on the calendar indicate days that contain track information. After selecting the time period, and clicking “OK”, the Historic Track is displayed on the chart in the same color and thickness as the Active Track. If you use the logbook or auto logbook events*, the Historic Track can be displayed by clicking on the logbook events directly on the chart or by opening and selecting the logbook table. A “Pin” is displayed on the track for each time a logbook event is created.

* Triggered automatic Logbook events based upon:
-Interval: Useful to record recurring events
-Heading: Useful when you want to record Tack
-Wind Direction: Useful to record Wind Shift
-Wind Force: Useful to record passage with strong wind
-Depth Alarm: Useful to record shallow water (settings based upon the Depth Alarm Settings)

When a logbook event is created, any data received by the computer (such as Wind Speed, SOG, Date and time,...) are recorded with the event.

To display Logbook information:
Move the cursor over a Logbook event PIN (wait for the pin to pop up) and right click on it and select “Logbook Point Properties”; or use the Logbook list available from the Planning workspace. The Logbook table has the recorded information at the time of the logbook entry or event. (logbook list – log book details – and then logbook point properties
When you get the logbook point properties, (see attached photo) it will list that data I think you are looking for.
I hope this helps.


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I followed up with MaxSea to see if I was on the right track. MaxSea says, you can see the data with the log event, as I stated, but it isn't connected to the optional track setting you were talking about. The track setting where you can set recording of items is a new feature. It will record the data but currently the software won't let you view it. They are planning on adding some viewing features for this data later. When I asked why they even have the setting show up in the software; they said so you can store the data now and when the updated feature is available, it will already have stored data as part of your tracks.
Thanks Johnny, for getting to the bottom of this.
The other reason I was interested in the Track Option Fields, was that it lets you record 'Speed Through Water'. MSTZ shows me STW but it is not an option to record in the Logbook which I think is a pity as this is valuable data.
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