Maxsea Classic Layer File

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Scotty B

Can anyone please tell me if there is a way to save all my Layer Files to one file.
I have several Layer Files that I would like to save as one complete file that contains them all.
Also I have converted several CPot Files from MRK files to PTF files with the Import to PTF Layer function and would like to know if there is a function that will do the opposite and save my PTF files to MRK files for my CPlot .
Any help would be much appreciated.
You can backup all your PTF layer files directly from >My Documents>My MaxSea folder. You should just copy everything with a PFT file extension from that folder. There isn't a export function to do this because the files (one or all) are ready to copy as needed from that folder. If you want them all to one file; you can highlight them in windows and right click and send to compressed. This will send them all into one file (zip file).

Sorry, I don't know anything about C-Plot, but maybe someone else will know.
Scotty B,
If you are looking into merging PTF layers into one layer; I have found that if you use the finger tool to select the entire area (which will select all the shown objects inside the box which is drawn) and then using CONTROL-C to copy it will copy all the selected/displayed layers. If you then close all but the new layer, and hit CONTROL-P to paste, it will paste the data to one layer.
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