M-1720C not keeping up with 48 rpm networked radar?




I have a Navnet vx2 blackbox radar/plotter with an 3,5" open array antenna. I recently replaced the motor in the antenna to 48 rpm.

I also have a second station with a network connected 7" vx2 display.

The problem now is that when I switch on the radar transmission, the 7" display show the radar picture for a few seconds and the hangs. I will freeze for about a minute and then gives a "Lost radar connection" alarm and eventually a "No position" alarm. The BB unit continues without any disturbances. The 7" unit won't re-acquire any data from the network without being restarted.

Is there any know limitations on how much data the smaller 7" units can handle and specifically if they can handle the data from a 48 rpm networked radar?

The GP1720C most likely has a problem with either the network card or the main SPU board. The antenna speed (motor) change would not be the cause of your problem. I would recommend you send this unit to our factory service center in Washington State with a full description of the problem, so that it can be evaluated. Changing the antenna speed to 48 RPM will only prevent you have having ARPA (on NN1/Vx2), yet provides better/faster radar sampling.