Just Making Sure I Have Wiring Correct



Gday Guys

Getting ready to install my FCV295 with a Airmar R299 transducer and thought i check and make sure i have this right no point calling the local dealers as they say this combination will not work after a google search and reading Aussie forums.

Transducer wires

Yellow and Black 33-60 khz
Yellow + connects to LF hot 1
Black - connects to LF Cold 3

Blue and Black 130-210 khz
Blue + connects to HF hot 1
Black - connects to HF cold 3

Question both plugs have N.C. on 2 is this left empty or does the shield wire go in there

Tap settings LF = C and HF = A

Not sure about the XDCR settings what would be the best setting to start off with.

If anyone that has this setup can give me some basic pointers it would be much appreciated

Thanks Andrew
Close, the LF pair is Yellow & Black w/White. Pins 1 & 3 are correct with all shield (bare) wires attaching to the case of the FCV-295. You will find the FCV-295 is blocked out from TXing above 52.6K to 65Khz, also from 111-139 and 171-183Khz. Starting out I would try setting the LH of the sounder for 40Khz with the bandwidth to 20Khz and the HF to 200Khz with the BW to 100Khz. The bandwidth sets the range that you will be able to slew the frequency under the Freq. control menu. Your TAP settings are correct.

Thanks for that snips

Think i have missed something in the manual dont remember seeing where on the case all the bare wires connect to can you point me in the direction

Thanks Heaps didnt want to connect it all up and short something out