Joining Furuno 585 with GP1650 and Ray Marine Auto Pilot




I have recently purchased a Furuno 585 and the relevant cord to join to my Furuno GP1650 GPS so that i can mark points via the 585. My boat also has a Ray Marine auto pilot system.

Are you able to explain (via diagram if possible) how the connection of the three devices should be undertaken?

Also, in the joining cable there is a uncoated silver wire (along with black, white, yellow and green coated wires). Can you tell me what this should be connected to as there doesnt appear to be a corresponding cord on the 585 lead?

I have provided a picture of the NMEA cable joined to the 585 corresponding colours but this does not seem to be working. I only made temporary connections to test (i.e. wires pressed together not soldered or through joining terminals).

Thanks in advance.


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By the looks of the photo, you have the NMEA input wires from one unit going to the input on the other, and the output to output. This isn't good because your output is "shorting out" to the output of the other unit. If you want a bi-directional communication wiring from the FCV585 and the normal 6 pin NMEA cable of the GP1650 it would be as follows:

FCV585 ------------------ GP1650
White (+) out ------- Yellow (+) in
Blue (-) out ---------- Green (-) in
Yellow (+) in --------- White (+) out
Green (-) in ----------Black (-) out
Thanks very much for the quick reply - this forum is excellent. :furuno :furuno I'll give that a go.