Interfacing ICOM504A VHF with TZ14 for DSC



Have travelled a long road to get the TZ14 into my system. Scrapped the Navpilot 511 for a Navpilot 711. IF-NMEA2k2 does not appear to fully integrate ICOM504A on my NMEA2000 backbone. Question: Can I hook the ICOM504A NMEA0183 data wires (IN/OUT) into the Navpilot 7002 computer NMEA 0183 ports to provide GPS data to the ICOM504A? GPS is 330B, FI504 repeater, DFF1,BBX1, and TZ14 constitute the system. Thanks. Dave
The IF-NMEA2k2 should work fine with the ICOM 504A when properly wired. The interface supports DSC and DSE both directions and in all modes. If you only wish to provide GPS to the Radio, you can use the NavPilot 700 to pass the data but that means you will only have GPS data on the radio when the pilot is turned on.
The radio does not show any position or time data. We followed the instructions supplied w/ the IF-NMEA2k2 to allow the radio to hook up w/ the NMEA 0183 In/Out of the ICOM 504A and plugged the IF-NMEA2k2 into the NMEA 2000 backbone. I'll try again once we install the Navpilot 711 into the system. Thanks for the reply.

Check the thread on my Sept 11 post on the NavNet TZtouch Forum. Sounds like your setup is very similar to mine. Once wired, make sure that the TZT14 is outputting the position data. There is a setup page to define what inflormation to output.