Installing C-MAP



I purchased a Navnet 1824c/Nt Vx2 Radar - C-MAP Nt chartplotter from an on-line retailer. The radar is in Canada, being installed on a boat, I am in the US. I am confused about whether the C-MAP charts are pre-installed or not. Some resources say that they are pre-installed, and that I need to buy an unlock code for the region that I will be cruising (Puget Sound area), while other resources say that I need to purchase a C-MAP card to install the appropriate charts. Which is correct?
The Vx2 system reads maps directly off the “MAP” SD CARD (ordered separately). In your case I would recommend a wide area C-Map MAX chip (for you area) from Jeppesen or one of their dealers.

Preloaded charts and unlock codes are for systems like the NN3D or TZtouch.