importing waypoints



I just finished an electronics upgrade from Northstar to Navnet 3-D on the boat I captain. I have a .DAT file from my old electronics. How can I import this file into the 3-D machine?
I am fairly computer/file savvy and could manipulate my existing file into the 3-D format. Can someone provide me with a demo/default file with waypoints so that I can insert my waypoints into the file then import into my machines using the card slot? Or is there a simpler way to do this?
I am also trying to convert my old Northstar database to my new NN3D. I am also computer savvy and managed to get an old Compaq qith a 3.5" floppy working to move the data from the 962 to my computer.

You wrote:
"you will note that the GPS babel program, supports both the Northstar DAT files and the Furuno NavNet 3D "CSV" file format."

I loaded GPSBabel 1.4.2 but I can find no trace of Northstar .DAT files - nor, for that matter, is the Furuno mentioned. I did find a .CSV output option. :(

GPSBabel says input is "No (or unknown) file".

Where did you find a mention of Northstar in GPSBabel ? And are you sure the GPSBabel .csv format is Furuno compatible?
Melville":2plkutd9 said:
Here is a link to another website that many of our dealers have had success with in converting waypoints.
Thanks for the link, but GPSU doesn't mention the Northstar 962, and when I tried to configure it, there isn't even a Northstar option on the file format list. Guess I'll just have to abandon the quest!