How display Sirius WX (via BBWX1) on networked MaxSea Explor

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I run MaxSea Explorer at my chart table and it is networked with my NN3D system (BB and MFD8). I also have the BBXW1 and Sirius weather subscription which displays on the NN3D monitors and MFD-8.

I can find no reference in the MaxSea Explorer documentation advising how to display the BBXW1 weather data on the MaxSea Explorer display. I use MaxSea mainly for route planning and being able to overlay this WX data would be very useful. It would also be useful to have it displayed on the MaxSea monitor so that I can declutter the NN3D display.

With all the components networked, it seems it should be a routine operation (and feature).

Can anyone advise on how to do it?

It is not possible to display Sirius weather in MaxSea. MaxSea has it's own weather GRIB file system for weather overlay and planning purposes.
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