Hiding Routes.



I have programed a route into my NavNet 3D and want to program more. MY problem is erasing the first route but still keeping it in the routes list. I can't seem to get the first route off the screen and other routes will just go over causing a mess and confusion. Can I erase the route from the screen without deleting and keep it in the routes list? Thanks.
You can hide all routes (Roto-Key / Routes / Show [-on/off]) or display all routes. You can not individually pick and choose which routes you wish to hide. If you find you have so many routes in one area that you having problems building more; it is best to backup your points and routes and then build from a clean slate. You can save tons of waypoint and route backup files on one SD card. You can save and restore as needed. It is a very quick process. You might have one backup file with all your fishing routes, then another with your channel routes etc... This way you can de-clutter your screen of what routes you wish to focus on.

When you have your routes hidden, you can still activate a route and have only that route appear. This feature also makes it easy to focus only on the route being used.
Thanks for your reply. I must be really bad because I cannot find the hide routes using the roto/routes/ ? key. Can you draw a mental picture for me. Thanks.
PLEASE ALSO NOTE: If you don't see the finger selection on the Roto-key, please hold in the Roto-key to enable all fingers and then verify the setting. Customizing the Roto-key is another subject but this might be what has you hung up.